Henry Beechwater

Explorer who has seen Africa and other southern societies.


Current age, 58 years old.
Hair and beard was black during his youth, but now they are getting gray.
Top hat and good taste in clothes.
When carrying weapon, prefers his elephant gun, but uses his revolver if needed to be close in a range. Always carries a small knife.
Left side of his body is scarred from shoulder to ankle. Left knee doesn’t work properly. Has to use cane or other support to walk normal speed. Can still climb, climb stat has been already reduced.


Born 1832 in England, Sussex.

Sent to a boarding school at the age of 7, after it went to study Natural History at the University of Oxford. Studied only few semesters, graduated as Bachelor of Science. Returned home, tried to live a quiet life for few years.

At the age of 28, joined with an expedition team to climb Alphubel mountain in southern Switzerland. His job was to map local fauna. Expedition was a success, only few minor deaths. Returned home to recover and document his findings. Soon he found academic work too humdrum for his newly acquired tastes and he joined another expedition that was heading in to the Egypt. He travelled around the Africa and the Middle East for next 10 years. During that time he became the last living member of his family, this didn’t disturb him that much. He quickly dealt with the matter by hiring a grounds keeper to look after his family manor while continued his journeys.

Finally at the age of 44, during the “Mad Rhino Incident” he was seriously injured. The incident scarred him for life, but luckily only his left side of the body. His left knee was shattered, numerous bones broken and skin full of scars. It took four years to recover from the incident, and even after all that time, he couldn’t use his left leg properly. This sad reality hit him hard, but he has learned to live with it. Among the first things he did after he had recovered, he travelled to Africa and tracked down the Rhino and dealt with the problem.

During last couple years he has organized and funded few expeditions to Africa. Personally he never joined but it made him happy to give others a chance to see the Wild Continent and experience dark nights.

More recently he has joined in a secret academic order called Yellow Sign Society. It first began with some mild stuff like chants and meetings, but later has evolved in to bit more sinister than he would like. But still there’s something wonderful about it, and while it might bring some nightmares, it still has lot of promise and promiscuity, and also potential to cure him from all his impairments.

“Mad Rhino Incident”
Not much have been told about it. He got all his scars from it, luckly most of his scars are under his clothes, only left hand is visible, but that is most of the time covered with a glove. Sometimes he thinks that it was some curse that brought this upon him, maybe that rhino was the curse or part of the curse.

Family manor in Sussex countyside.
Family manor’s grounds keeper a scotchman called Earl Buckley.
Town house in London, Camberwell district.

Henry Beechwater

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