Lady Rowena Philomena Blackwood

Aristocrat & a lady!


Rowena is the black sheep of her aristocrat family, but due to her status has still many freedoms in this era they live in. With her family background and money she has been able to live on her own and to make her way into the circles of London. After years of occult activity, she finalised her dream of a new role in a new world by diving deeper and deeper into the cult and finding the truth about her bloodline. For she is special, and she has a glorious destiny as the member of the Yellow Sign Society, one of the first ones to see the coming of the King.

She has seen the city of Carcosa in her dreams, and with the herald’s guidance is willing to go to any lengths necessary to make the right steps to bring forth the kingdom – and make her goal of having the great importance as a chosen one in the coming future, reality.


Now after years of being one of the top-members of the cult of Hastur, the realizing of their dream as rightful rulers of Carcosa is near. Rowena is anxious, but deep inside the slight fear and awe have gradually, as the events have been unfolding, been turning into determination and indifference to suffering. A kind of madness. She will do anything to make this opening day ritual happen in the right way, she thinks, as she rubs her stump of a little finger she cut away. Anything.


Occupation: Aristocrat

Characteristics & rolls:

Str 7 Dex 9 Int 10 Idea 50
Con 7 App 12 Pow 16 Luck 93
Siz 10 San 68 (80) Edu 14 Know 70

Damage bonus: 0

Sanity points: 68 (80)


Astronomy: 11
Credit Rating: 80
Cthulhu Mythos: 12
Dodge: 18
Fast Talk: 30
History: 35
Law: 30
Occult: 50
Latin: 20
French: 30
Own Language (English): 70
Persuade: 70
Psychology: 42
Ride: 30
Sneak: 40
Spot Hidden: 50
Swim: 32
Shotgun: 50


10 gauge shotgun, damage: 4d6 +2 (range 10), 2d6 (range 20), 1d6 (range 50). Malf 00, att 1 or 2. Shots: 2.


Female, 29 years old

Description: dark brown curly hair, brown eyes, looks somewhat pretty. A bit frail and small.

Occupation: Aristocrat

Colleges, degrees: home & self taught (governess/private tutors, massive library)

Birthplace: England, London, Primerose Hill

Residence: Blackwood Mansion in Primerose Hill —> own flat downtown

Income: 10 000 yearly
Cash on Hand: 5000
Savings: 5000
Personal Property: lands near London, horses – 50 000 (40 000 tied to it)
Real Estate: Family Mansion, and the other, older mansion some way out of London.

Family & friends: Jenner clan & friends from aristocratic social circles, girls who have turned to occult circles. Cult is “real” family, king’s bloodline makes her special. Only special people matter. Only person from her family she has actual contact with is her sister Lucille.

Relationship actually maybe improved with sister Lucille, after Lucille tried to steal their secret play and Rowena came in to save her. She also visited the Blackwood Manor once again in a long time for a wedding (some time ago). Since then Lucille has been more anxious about her sister, and Rowena has written to her somewhat, but always with the strange tone of indifference to the world growing, and Lucille thinks that not everything is okay, even if Rowena keeps saying that… And then the letters dwindle…

Absinthe, preferred: Edouard Pernod, or any fine hallucinatory absinthe.


History of cold relationships from family has caused her to be left to her own devices, and let her be sucked into the new world of occult by young age. What started as girly seances, has led to actual, real magic. Rowena has been in the cult for quite some while, and couldn’t be happier. She’s getting more frantically devout by each moment nearer the answers.

Trait: Previous experience (psych, spot hidden, fast talk): has seen family secrets and ugly deeds among circles, and not everything is as it seems. She has been pressured, and also her previous teen cult outings have almost been discovered. She has learned the hard way to sneak and listen to secrets not meant for her years.

Scars & wounds: she has lost her right hand’s little finger (to Brown Jenkin), and has scarring on her left side torso from Philip’s sword attack.

Lady Rowena Philomena Blackwood

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