Orion Blackwood

Rowena's father, leader of the Blackwood family


Orion Blackwood is the dominating figure in the Blackwood family, and an imposing character in person.

Orion hasn’t been in much contact with his older daughter Rowena in some years, having left her to her own devices in her London flat. The last he saw of her was in Lucille’s wedding last summer, where they didn’t share any words.

But Orion has lately been in talks with professor Lucas Armitage: it seems like they have been in regular correspondence through letters, as Lucille has found through some snooping. Orion seems to be against Rowena’s cult activities, and although he has always had some resentment for her, it is slightly surprising for him to take an interest now. He has been convinced by Armitage to try and get Rowena thrown into an asylum for her “deranged spirit”.

Knowing what her father’s like, Rowena is determined to stay out her father’s clutches and refuses to yield to her lesser family members: for she alone is of king’s blood and has seen her true destiny.


Orion Blackwood

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