Lucille Blackwood

Rowena's little sister


Lucille is Rowena’s younger sister, and only one of her family who still keeps in touch with Rowena occasionally. She lives in the Blackwood Mansion, and has a habit of sneaking about, like her sister.

After her wedding where she saw Rowena at long last, having a somehow new look on her at that time, she has grown concerned with her sister’s strange activities and growing reclusion since then. Although they never were quite that close, they are still sisters, and she feels she has a duty to look after her family.

Lucille was also approached by Lucas Armitage, the investigator pursuing the Yellow Sign Society. He warned her of Rowena’s obsession, and said she could help her sister by committing her to Arkham Asylum and by destroying the book that seemed to be the society’s important object of fascination.

After talking herself in to the society’s inner sanctum she almost managed to burn the book, but Rowena threw herself against Lucille, preventing that from happening. Rowena was subsequently (and unknowingly) in the way of Philip’s sword which was targeting Lucille, which impaled and nearly killed her.

These dramatic moments have left Lucille quite shaken, never seeing this kind of scene over some object. They had a talk between sisters right after. She is still full of doubts, even after Rowena managed to warn her to stay away from Armitage, and persuade her to leave them be (and also inform them of her father’s and Armitage’s actions that she knows of).

Lucille truly hopes Rowena knows what she’s doing, and isn’t much closer to understanding this cult she is a part of. At least for now Rowena still seems to be in somewhat regular contact with her, and maybe things will turn out alright…


Lucille Blackwood

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